Australia - Sydney to Darwin

posted by: Caroline
Erstellt: 11 Februar 2009

Beautiful Sydney! Not only having more than one acceptible beach in a 4.5 million metropolis, the setting of Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at the waterfront where the ferries and all the other boats populate the waters, is just fantastic! No one in this city cares about us or our bikes, we are not any longer "gringo" and "gringa", we are just two in a million and it feels great to be “undercover”.

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posted by: Sven
Erstellt: 06 Januar 2009

A big desert with a big red rock in the center. That is probably the first superficial picture which comes to a European mind that has never been in Australia. Sure you are aware that this will not be all; but what will you really find?  Maybe a lot of parallels  to the USA?  The history at least is also considerably young and it also covers some gold rush, pioneering, and stockmen stories. But I can tell you, it feels completely different. In any way, the geographical distance is very far away to both mentioned continents, Europe and America.   Because Australia is an Island Nation they always use the term “Overseas” rather than “Abroad”.  

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