During this journey, I was several times longing to visit Italy, gelato country, where in my imagination ice cream grows like rice on terraces. It is true, Gelaterias are everywhere and combined with Italian hospitality, we have the chance to sneak in from the backdoor, outside the business hours, to a well known Gelateria close to Naples and get invited by the owner Tonino to the biggest ice cream I have ever eaten in my life.

Nearly funny and however I am in no laughing mode when my back rim for the third time on this trip bids farewell. A clean crack. After only 1.500km. Luckily we are in Italy, a bicycle country, I think, so we will find replacement easily in every bike shop. As if! It has never been so difficult on the whole trip to find a proper rim like in Italy. Fancy road bikes and their spare parts of all price categories are easily be found in any bike shop but when it comes to a mountain bike rim for V-Brakes the stock is just empty. With local support we finally solved the problem and can get back on the road. 

The italian culinary delicacies live up to their reputation and we have several times the chance to enjoy them in original Italian family atmosphere. The glass of wine is never missing with a meal and the rests of the sauce in the frying pan, the little shoe, Scarpetta, how it is named in Italian, will be cleaned with a piece of bread. Pasta is eaten daily, pizza is available everywhere for a couple of Euros and not to be forgotten are the homemade olives and different varieties of ham and cheese. Yummy.

After impressing Naples which combines lively city life with a lot of charm and flair we hop over to rural Sardinia. The enormous southern Italian hospitality can also be found here. We pedal through the little mountain villages which at least at this time of the year are tourist free. Unfortunately there is too much rain for the season and hiding quickly in the tent or drying the tent during lunch time when the sun comes out for a short period is on the daily schedule. But spring time is a fabulous season on Sardinia when the flowers are flourishing and fields are shining brightly with intensive colours while the calmness of local life takes place. One of the places you plan to come back but for now we leave Italy and hop over to Corsica.